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As I think my regular readers and friends already know, I made a major change in my life last fall, of 2017.  For the first time life, I guess.....I did not show up to work in a classroom.  Not as a student, not as an educator.  I let go of the work of an adjunct educator in order to focus entirely on my own projects.  That means my own creative projects, my role as Founding Director of Hidden River Arts, my activist/education projects, Guerilla U and 'Junct (which includes finally working on finishing the documentary.) I've also returned, after many years, to singing.  I've joined my friend and singing partner, Jean Brooks, in a project we call Cabaret Divas.  We design, write and perform cabarets: Love Sucks. Let's Sing! and Bawdy and Soul are the two we've performed so far, and we're working on several more.  

A new collection of short stories is one of my current creative projects.  The collection will be called Crossing the Line, and each story will explore a person who has gone WAY too far over the line of what is acceptable human behavior.  The first of these stories to be published is "Do It Yourself Finishing School", which was published in Adelaide this past fall. Another, "Beverly at the Fair" is being published this month by Stoneboat Literary Journal.  

My film partner, Chris LaBree, and I have finished a one-hour rough cut of our documentary as we work on the final full-length cut.  We've screened it for adjuncts in Alberta, and will probably be screening for others as we continue completion of the final version.  

Hidden River Arts is growing.  Our internship program is expanding. We've increased the number of arts awards we are offering, the number of books our indy press will be publishing.  Next to be rethought, redesigned and relaunched will be our workshops and classes.  Another new project: the launch of an online journal Hidden River Review of Arts & Letters. must be clear that, for now at least, I'm most frequently found at home in Philadelphia, working to shepherd all these activities into being.  But I am traveling.  In December and January, I was in Italy with my daughter, visiting Florence, Orvieto and Rome.  In May, 2018, headed to Prague, Budapest and Vienna.  These travels are wonderful for making connections with fellow artists and gathering ideas for ways to network and grow our international relationships.  That is what we hope to continue to do -- expanding our artistic reach and growing our creative family into a truly global one.  

That's the update for now, fellow sojourners.  If you want to contact me about any of these projects, or about having me work with you, screen our film, give a workshop or a speaking engagement, simply email me, and we'll talk!  

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