Meet Debra Leigh

Debra Leigh Scott is an "arts and edu-preneur" -- a writer, playwright, educator.  She is the author of a collection called Other Likely Stories.  Her current projects include a documentary/book project about the meltdown of American universities, both titled 'Junct: The Trashing of Higher Ed. in America.  She and her film partner, Chris LaBree, of 2255 Films, are co-producers of the documentary. Debra also blogs as The Homeless Adjunct.

Another project, a trilogy of novels, is underway, and the first of her trilogy, Piety Street, is currently in rewrites.  Other novels exist, in various stages of completion.  Debra wishes that Jonny Ive at Apple would create the iClone so that all these projects could be finished simultaneously.  

After years of focusing on her writing and her behind-the-scenes creative activities, Debra has returned to performing - as a singer - and has recently co-written a new cabaret show called "Love Sucks. Let's Sing!" with her singing partner and co-creator of the show, Jean Brooks.   The plan is to tour the show to various music festivals around the country.  Their duo performs as The Cabaret Divas.  More on that new adventure as it unfolds.

As a scholar and educator, Debra's interests includes work in world religions, experiential spirituality,  literature, the intersection between art, culture and history.  For nearly 20 years, she taught  university courses in the humanities, in creative writing, and in interdisciplinary exploration. Beginning in late 2017, she left her work on the corporatized university campus, despairing over the ways in which academia in America has been overrun -- suffering what she calls "corporate colonization".  Since then, she has focused on all the other activities in her busy life.

Debra Leigh is the Founding Director of Hidden River Arts, an inter-disciplinary arts organization focused on supporting artists at all stages of their development.  Hidden River hosts gallery events, live music and literary events, and maintains an independent small press.  Since 2017, it has begun a dramatic expansion of its awards programs and will be expanding the number of books published each year.  Plans are in the works for an online interdisciplinary arts journal.  Hidden River maintains a robust internship program, and is always happy to hear from people interested in being readers, interns or volunteers for the organization.  It is an all-volunteer run arts organization which is deeply dedicated to its mission.

Debra Leigh also offers workshops and classes in creative writing, as well as private manuscript consultations and editing services to fellow writers.  In addition to working with creative writers, Debra Leigh provides business writing services to a select group of corporate and industry clients - including ghostwriting, editing, ESL consultation.  She plans to expand her blogging and her online educational work, and to provide support for those working in alternative learning modalities -- like homeschooling, or those pursuing higher education in ways other than the traditional college path.

For more information about any of the above, or to invite Debra Leigh to read, speak or screen her film,  please contact her.

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